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The GNSS Science Support Centre (GSSC) is a facility that supports and enables scientific research and applications related to Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS). It is hosted at the European Space Astronomy Centre (ESAC) near Madrid, Spain, and it is a part of the Navigation Science Office, a collaboration between ESA’s Navigation and Science Directorates.

GSSC provides a central hub for accessing and analysing GNSS data, enabling researchers and scientists to explore a wide range of applications across various scientific domains, including Earth Sciences, Space Science, Metrology, and Fundamental Physics. It leverages advanced technologies, including Big Data, Cloud computing, virtualisation, and containerization, to create a versatile and innovative environment for GNSS data analysis.

One of its key missions is to promote data-centric approaches in GNSS research by offering a centralized repository of GNSS data, tools, and resources. GSSC facilitates collaborative research, supports innovative projects, and provides a platform for the application of machine learning and data analysis techniques to extract valuable insights from GNSS data.

GSSC serves the scientific community, enabling them to harness the potential of GNSS data for various research and applications.


About contributors

Following organisations contribute to GSSC's large repository with data and products from global and regional ground-based GNSS receiver networks, space-based GNSS receivers and other services relevant for GNSS Science purposes.