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GSSC Now leverages cloud computing, Software as a Service (SaaS), and responsive design to democratize GNSS research, making it more accessible for researchers. By utilizing a cloud-based infrastructure, the platform offers scalable and easily accessible computational resources, eliminating the requirement for researchers to establish and manage their high-performance computing clusters. This approach lowers entry barriers, empowering researchers to actively participate in the GNSS research domain without the complexities of managing dedicated computing infrastructure

GSSC fosters the creation of an Open Science community through a collaborative platform that encourages the open sharing of research methods, data, and findings. By harnessing the power of datalabs, datasets, marketplace, collaborative workspaces and APIs, the scientific community can work together more efficiently, tackling complex challenges with unprecedented speed and cooperation.

GNSS Datasets form the foundation for research projects, and their openness ensures that scientific findings can be independently verified and built upon. The abundance and accessibility of datasets are integral to the success of Open Science.

GNSS Datalabs offer the tools and infrastructure required for scientists to test hypotheses, develop models, and extract meaningful insights.

GSSC Now acts as hub for datasets and datalabs accepting contributions in two ways:

  • Native contribution: host your datasets and/or datalabs at GSSC Now for maximum visibility, performance and accessibility to the GSSC community. Leverage GSSC Now data and processing co-location to implement innovative use cases on ESA’s cloud-computing infrastructure.
  • Federated contribution: host your datasets and/or datalabs at your premises integrating GSSC Now Discovery and Analysis interfaces for wider visibility. Use on-the-fly access to our repository and analysis tools to implement innovative use cases across organisational boundaries.

Furthermore, developers interested in creating new solutions building on GNSS Now capabilities can access GSSC Now’s Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to integrate our GNSS Data Processing Services. Check out our help pages for further details.

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Finally, if you do not find an answer to your questions do not hesitate to contact GSSC’s Service Desk. We will be happy to help!

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