More than 250 million GNSS assets at hand in GSSC Now!


GSSC team is happy to announce that more than 250 million of GNSS public assets are now available in GSSC Now.

GSSC Now, the GNSS Science Exploitation Platform provided by ESA’s Navigation Science Office, keeps growing by continuously incorporating GNSS data and products from the main GNSS observation institutes, missions and experiments worldwide. Moreover, you can discover GNSS data retrieved by GNSS receivers on-board some ESA space missions such as SWARM, GREAT, or GOCE.

In GSSC Now you get all GNSS data you need from one single dataset repository, preventing you from navigating and registering in multiple sources, saving you time and effort. The platform is built in a user friendly manner that allows you to easily filter GNSS assets by date, location, format, sampling rate, observed satellites, and others.

Once you’ve made your selections, you can use our on-demand scientific tools, known as datalabs, to extract valuable insights and perform advanced analyses on your data. You also define your own datalabs and upload them in our platform, so your work can be shared and used by all scientific community. Learn more about this by checking here!

In GSSC team our objective is to keep improving and provide you with free, open access to high-quality data in support of scientific advancement and overall public benefit.

Preview Programme

GSSC Now’s Preview Programme provides early access for selected users to try out new features of the platform before they are rolled out to the general public.

At the moment, access to functionalities like multiple downloads, datalabs, personal workspace or some restricted datasets are limited to Preview Programme members. Should you want to become a member, you need to complete GSSC Now’s Preview Programme registration request here. Once received, your request will be evaluated within 5 working days.

Contributions and contact

At GSSC we would like to know your opinion on GSSC Now’s existing features and your suggestions for improvement and features you think should be added. Should you want to contribute with ideas, comments or GNSS data, please do not hesitate to contact us.


The GSSC Team, Navigation Science Office.