Read the GSSC Now paper on Navigation’s Digital Transformation!


We are thrilled to announce the publication of our research paper, titled “GSSC Now: ESA Thematic exploitation platform for navigation digital transformation. Enhancing GNSS scientific research” in the journal of Advances in Space ResearchThis paper is now freely available online for everyone to access.

The paper presents key functionalities of GSSC Now and highlights its value through case studies of real-world GNSS applications. This platform expands established computational limits, placing the data source side-by-side with cloud computing capabilities. The change of paradigm provides scientists with seamless execution of Machine Learning models, interactive algorithms and visualisation tools on a vast repository of GNSS data, removing barriers that hinder research productivity.

We are excited to share our findings with the world and hope this research fosters further exploration in GNSS science!

Sincerely, The GSSC Team, Navigation Science Office