GSSC goes Pre-Operations


At present, it is widely recognised by the scientific community that GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) is a space field with high potential in terms of scientific opportunities. GNSS scientific prospects arise on a large variety of fields including, but not exclusively, Fundamental Physics, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Astronomy and Time Metrology

With the current GNSS infrastructure development plans, over 120 GNSS satellites (including European Galileo satellites) will provide, already this decade, continuous data, in several frequencies, without interruption, and on a permanent basis. This global and permanent GNSS infrastructure constitutes a major opportunity for GNSS Scientific applications.

Since the conception at ESA of the Navigation Science Office, the set-up of a dedicated facility,  the GNSS Science Support Centre, supporting the implementation of its strategy lines, has been considered a key objective. This facility integrates IT and GNSS infrastructure to deliver advanced data and processing services for the scientific community.

The Pre-Operations launch today of the GSSC portal provides a meeting point where the science community will be able to engage in activities carried out by the office like:

  • GBIGDATA GNSS BIG DATAprocessing for monitoring, assessment of innovative techniques and science
  • GCROWD GNSS CROWDsourcing Applications For Science
  • GESTAGNSS Experiment for Scientific Tests in Antarctica
  • GREATGNSS General RElAtivity ExperimenT
  • GSSC – GNSS Science Service Centre – Pilot Project
  • WMCROWD – Weather Monitoring Based on Collaborative Crowdsourcing

… and more

Eventually all these activities are to be integrated in this portal in the form of data, products and software systems in order to foster collaboration in GNSS.

“We are excited to announce the official launch of GSSC Pre-Operations. This is a great achievement for our office. We are looking forward to enabling innovative ways for the scientific community to carry out their research activities”

Over the next months, GSSC will steadily roll-out access to data, products and services. Should you be interested in our activities please do not hesitate to contact us!