GSSC NOW Users Survey 2023 is now open!


If one recognizes a public data and software repository is no good if it does not offer what its users really need, quickly one realizes the only way to provide a useful service to the community is to feel its pulse and understand its real needs and difficulties.

In that spirit, the GSSC is launching its GSSC NOW Users Survey 2023. We have been providing data and datalab services since 2018 and although you have always been supportive of our effort, given the dimension the GSSC has reached, we need to make sure we are providing what you, the Navigation community, needs in a way that makes effective use of our resources. We have therefore at this point, decided to make a user survey so that you can tell us, the developers and operators of the GSSC, the services that really help you make your life easier. At the same time, this survey will ensure we prioritise our efforts to develop those features that truly matter to you, our users.

In the survey, we ask you to provide us with your background, the GSSC features you use the most, your level of satisfaction with our services, and, very important, your opinion on the GSSC’s user support services. To make sure we are giving you what you need, we would also like to know your suggestions regarding products we are not providing but should make an effort to.

We are aware there is a thin boundary between asking for things that will contribute to help us provide a useful service, and being just annoying time wasters. We have therefore made a special effort to make the survey easy to fill, useful to everybody, and, very important compact: you should not need more than 5 minutes of your time to fill the survey.

Needless to say, the survey is fully anonymous. We also ask you to be careful by not providing any information that could be used to identify you in the questions where the answer is free text.

So now you know: a couple minutes and you can make an important contribution to the future of your GSSC.

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The GSSC Team,