GSSC Now, GNSS Datasets and Datalabs Anywhere!


Since its inception, back in 2017, the GNSS Science Support Centre (GSSC) has aimed at fostering out-of-the-box solutions to fully realise the science opportunities offered by GNSS. Over the years, the GNSS data repository at the core of GSSC has grown, expanding the initial ESA’s International GNSS Service (IGS) Global Data Center with data from regional ground-based GNSS receiver networks, space-based GNSS receivers, and other relevant scientific services, such as the International Laser Ranging Service (ILRS). 

In parallel with the consolidation of this repository, GSSC cyber-infrastructure development has leveraged on cloud technologies to provide the science community with an innovative exploitation platform for GNSS. This platform implements a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model to realise a paradigm shift: moving processing components closer to the data. Now you can carry out your GNSS data processing from anywhere, just with a web browser.

Following completion of the Private Beta Campaign in February 2022, we are excited to officially announce the launch of the first public beta release of our GNSS Thematic Exploitation Platform – GSSC Now.

In this first public beta, users can search across our current index with more than 90 million GNSS assets, a large part of GSSC’s repository, to quickly discover GNSS data based on their intrinsic characteristic. Thus, within a few clicks, users will be able to narrow down search results through free-text strings, stations, instruments, GNSS receivers, observed satellites, dates or a geographic area, among several options.

Upcoming public releases will provide access to additional Datasets and on-demand execution of Datalabs, to generate insights from previously selected data with software packages like JupyterLab.

Hence, this step marks the start of Stage II of GSSC Now launch process, divided into three stages:

Stage I – Private Beta:  access limited to an invited group of users among GNSS institutions and research groups, to gather feedback on platform’s current and planned features.
Stage II – Public Beta: open access to an incrementally enriched set of features, to gather feedback from a wider community, while validating platform’s scalability.
Stage III – Operations: open access to the fully fledged version of the platform, in alignment with community requirements, while delivering operational stability.

Throughout the year, GSSC Now will gradually unleash its innovative discovery, analysis and collaboration functionalities following a quarterly incremental release process. 

Preview Programme

GSSC Now’s Preview Programme provides early access for selected users to try out new features of the platform before they are rolled out to the general public.

At the moment, access to functionalities like multiple downloads, Datalabs, personal Workspace or some restricted Datasets is limited to Preview Programme members. Should you want to become a member, you need to complete GSSC Now’s Preview Programme registration request here.

Once received, your request will be evaluated within 1-5 working days.

Contributions and contact 

At GSSC we would like to know your opinion on GSSC Now’s existing and missing features. Should you want to contribute with ideas and comments please do not hesitate to contact us


The GSSC Team