GNSS Science 7th Colloquium: Proceedings now available


Last September, the 7th GNSS Science colloquium brought together several members of the European scientific community and their international partners involved in the use of Galileo and other GNSS satellites.

The objective of this congress was to review the various possibilities of using satellites for scientific purposes and take stock of the current advances achieved under this program.

The conference was organised as a series of plenary talks, parallel half day sessions and poster presentations throughout the event. This edition counted with near 200 participants from 25 countries and a total of 134 scientific contributions, covering a large variety of scientific domains.

ESA’s GNSS Science Support Centre (GSSC) made various presentations dealing with, among other matters, GNSS Big Data. Big Data from Space refers to earth and space observation data collated from ground and space sensors, as well as other space dominions like satellite navigation. The colloquium was a success.

We are pleased to announce that the colloquium Proceedings are now available via the GNSS Science Support Centre’s website.

Source of the picture: GSSC ESA website.