Exploitation services

With the current GNSS infrastructure development plans, over 120 GNSS satellites (including European Galileo satellites) will provide, already this decade, continuous data, in several frequencies, without interruption and on a permanent basis. This global and permanent GNSS infrastructure constitutes a major opportunity for GNSS Scientific applications.

Nowadays, scientific activities in GNSS are carried out by highly specialised communities. Initiatives like the International GNSS Service contribute to provide on an openly available basis, data, products and services in support of different science domains. However, despite relationships across domains, scientific exploitation of GNSS data and products is implemented by different vertical systems with ad-hoc mechanisms to exchange information. This approach leads to difficulties in accessing and integrating resources from multiple areas.

Simultaneously, current developments in programmes like Galileo and Copernicus as well as science missions like EUCLID or GAIA, are putting the focus on the creation of cyberinfrastructures capable of acquiring, processing and distributing massive amounts of data effectively.

GSSC Exploitation Services drive the consolidation of a worldwide reference GNSS Science Exploitation Platform, through the provision of GNSS data, products and services in an environment that fosters GNSS Science Research. This platform aims at integrating information and processing assets from all different GNSS domains into a single platform to deliver advanced information and analysis services like:

  • Private storage space for data and algorithm co-location.
  • Execution of user-defined data processing pipelines
  • Interactive and collaborative data analysis
  • Publication and discovery of science products and processors
  • Crowdsourcing pipelines for massive, highly distributed datafeeds processing
  • Web based instantiation and access to legacy systems

GNSS Science Exploitation Platform resources will be available in this area soon.