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Solving navigation equations

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Title Solving navigation equations
Author(s) J. Sanz Subirana, J.M. Juan Zornoza and M. Hernández-Pajares, Technical University of Catalonia, Spain.
Level Basic
Year of Publication 2011

This article is devoted to the receiver position estimation. In particular, it is focused to:

  1. Single frequency code based point positioning, from hereafter Standard Point Positioning [footnotes 1] (SPP) and
  2. Dual frequency code and carrier based Precise Point Positioning (PPP). These two topics are complemented with a brief section on Carrier Phase Ambiguity Fixing in differential and undifferenced mode.

As the measurements are noisy (receiver noise, multipath) and the applied models are not perfect, adjustment and filtering techniques are needed for the parameters estimation.

For more detail, please go to the following articles:


  1. ^ i.e., the Standard Positioning Service.