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  1. Acronym List
  2. And yet it moves: 14 Galileo satellites now in orbit
  3. Another eight Galileo satellites for Europe
  4. Contact editor
  5. Contract to bring EGNOS to next level
  6. EGNOS-based landings at Europe’s largest mainland airport
  7. EGNOS team receive prestigious award
  8. European EGNOS technology for South Korea
  9. Fantastic four: November’s Galileos reach Europe’s Spaceport
  10. Father of GPS meets Europe’s Galileo team
  11. Filetest
  12. Flying the fantastic four
  13. Former Galileo Director honoured with satnav leadership award
  14. Four Galileo satellites on one Ariane 5
  15. Four of the latest set of Galileo navigation satellites will be launched on Ariane 6 rockets
  16. GBAS (disambiguation)
  17. GLONASS Architecture
  18. GLONASS Services
  19. Galileo Initial Services: first quarter service performance for users
  20. Galileo Integrity Monitoring
  21. Galileo begins serving the globe
  22. Galileo clock anomalies under investigation
  23. Galileo grows: two more satellites join working constellation
  24. Galileo pair arrives in French Guiana
  25. Galileo satellites enclosed for launch
  26. Galileo satellites fuelled for flight
  27. Galileo signal team nominated for invention award
  28. Galileo signal team wins European Inventor Award
  29. Galileo signals covering more of the sky
  30. Galileos take their seats on launcher upper stage
  31. Galileo’s Ariane 5 arrives at Europe’s Spaceport
  32. Galileo’s Ariane 5 dispenser ready at spaceport
  33. Galileo’s search and rescue service in the spotlight
  34. Gallery
  35. Green light for ESA’s advanced satnav technology and innovation programme
  36. Ground-based Galileo satellite joins post-launch dress rehearsal
  37. Handover for team who put Galileo users on notice
  38. How each Galileo satellite is tested ahead of launch
  39. Last Galileo leaves ESA’s Test Centre
  40. Launch of new Galileo navigation quartet
  41. Learn how ESA is seeking out competitive innovation in navigation: join us at Le Bourget
  42. LogoTest
  43. Main Page2
  44. Mission control ready for next Galileo pair
  45. NAVISP
  46. New Galileos join Europe’s satnav constellation
  47. Northern exposure for satnav summer school
  48. Precision satnav in the far north
  49. Salvaged Galileos to help satnav specialists find their way
  50. Satellite touchdown in run up to Galileo launch

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