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Navipedia:Terms and conditions

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NAVIPEDIA Wiki: General Disclaimer

ESA Disclaimer

  1. one The objective of the NAVIPEDIA website is to provide a collaborative GNSS encyclopaedia which compiles the acquired knowledge in GNSS and which facilitates a wide dissemination and exchange of GNSS information.
    The information uploaded on the NAVIPEDIA website (in whatever format, i.e. all documents, data, articles, representations, statements) originates from various sources and authors contributing articles to NAVIPEDIA. The information is periodically reviewed and edited by ESA in an endeavour to present the information a uniform ‘NAVIPEDIA’ format.
  2. two However, the use of this website is at the User’s sole responsibility and risk. ESA expressly disclaim any warranty with respect to the information on the website, including its accuracy, completeness, reliability, quality, fitness for a particular purpose, representation of state-of-the-art technology or regulation.
  3. three The information contained in the NAVIPEDIA website is not intended to provide professional advice and cannot replace the individual advice of a professional in the relevant field.
  4. four Any representation or statement contained in the information are not necessarily endorsed by or represent the official views of ESA.