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Minimum Aviation System Performance Standards

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Term Term::Minimum Aviation System Performance Standards
Abbreviation hasAbbreviation::MASPS
Definition [[hasDefinition::A MASPS specifies characteristics that should be useful to designers, installers, manufacturers, service providers and users of systems intended for operational use within a defined airspace. Where the systems are global in nature, the system may have international applications that are taken in to consideration. The MASPS describes the system (subsystems / functions) and provides information needed to understand the rationale for system characteristics, operational goals, requirements and typical applications. Definitions and assumptions essential to proper understanding of the MASPS are provided as well as minimum system test procedures to verify system performance compliance (e.g., end-to-end performance verification).

Compliance with a MASPS is recommended as one means of assuring that the system and each subsystem will perform its intended function(s) satisfactorily under conditions normally encountered in routine aeronautical operations for the environments intended. The MASPS may be implemented in part or in total.]]

Source hasSource::http://www.rtca.org