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Title SNAS
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Year of Publication 2011
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The People's Republic of China is developing its own SBAS, called Satellite Navigation Augmentation System (SNAS). In 2002, the company Novatel was awarded [1] with a contract for the provision of 12 receivers for the phase II of the development, and the receivers have already been delivered. These stations would complement the 11 ones already installed in and around Beijing for the phase I of the program.

During the presentation of the development status of the BeiDou system in the ION-GNSS 2011 congress,[2] the China Satellite Navigation Office listed the services that the BeiDou System would provide, and one of them was the wide range differential service, aiming at a positioning accuracy of 1 m; presumably, this wide range differential service corresponds to the SNAS system.

There is little public information available on the SNAS development at the time of writing this article.


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