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Galileo Integrity Monitoring

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Title Galileo Integrity Monitoring
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Level Basic
Year of Publication 2016
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The Galileo System will be an independent, global, European-controlled, satellite-based navigation system and will provide a number of guaranteed services to users equipped with Galileo-compatible receivers. One of these services is the Galileo Integrity Monitoring which will improve the Open Service performance through the provision of timely warnings to the user when it fails to meet certain margins of accuracy (integrity)[1].

The EGNOS Evolution (EGNOS V3) will provide the integrity service on both L1 and L5 bands augmenting both GPS and Galileo, through the new geostationary generation transponders, GEO-2. Two of these new transponders were successfully launched on board the SES ASTRA 5B satellite, on March 22, 2014, which constitutes the first step in making the service available.[2]