Head Of GNSS Science Office:  Dr. Javier Ventura-Traveset

GNSS Data Science Principal System Engineer: Vicente Navarro

Scientific & Technical Experts:

  • Fernando Martín – Operations Engineer (SCI) – GNSS Earth Observation, Cubesats for GNSS Science
  • Sara del Rio – Systems Engineer (SCI) – Data Systems, IT
  • Luis Mendes – Operations Engineer (SCI) – Fundamental Physics
  • Manuel Castillo – Operations Engineer (SCI) – GNSS Science Laboratory, GNSS Earth Observation, Fundamental Physics
  • Erik Schoenemann – Navigation Engineer (OPS) – GNSS products, Satellite Laser Ranging
  • Nacho Romero – Navigation Engineer (OPS) – Liaison to IGS
  • Francisco Amarillo – Navigation Systems Engineer (TEC) – Radionavigation Systems, Orbitography and Time Synchronisation Algorithms, GNSS evolutions
  • Pietro Giordano – Radio Navigation Engineer (TEC) – Space Receivers, Planetary Navigation
  • Roberto Prieto-Cerdeira – GNSS Evolutions R&D Principal Engineer (NAV) – Science & Technology Navigation R&D Activities, liaison to Galileo/EGNOS/G2G, GSAC Executive

SCI Secretariat Support:  Cristina de Rojas