The GNSS Science Support Centre is located at the European Space Astronomy Centre (ESAC) in Madrid, Spain. Our facilities comprise following areas:

Operations Area

This area is dedicated to the operations of Data Processing Systems supporting GSSC’s Science Applications. Activities carried out from this area include.

  • Release Management of new systems
  • Monitoring and Maintenance of IT infrastructure
  • Content Management
  • User Support

Equipment Area

This environment hosts equipment required to run GNSS Science Support Centre activities. At present the following elements are operated:

  • GNSS Receivers
  • Cesium atomic clocks (prime and redundant)
  • Auxiliary GPS, time signal generators, IRIG-B and NTP servers
  • Computing infrastructure

As GNSS systems strongly rely on measuring the time of the radio signals propagation, the availability of an independent frequency and time reference system allows to perform additional activities for research and education.

Integration and Test Area

This environment provides infrastructure and equipment to carry out research and validation activities. The environment is fitted with measurement, manufacturing and repair tools. Thus, it is possible to develop, modify and deploy new GNSS hardware. Antennas installed in different ESAC areas are also connected to this facility.

Collaboration Area

This environment facilitates effective coordination of GSSC’s geographically distributed team through videoconference and advanced collaboration tools.